The Ullo community is a predominantly farming community, and as such water is needed all year round the growth of crops. The community, as part of efforts to have water during the dry season (January to March), constructed an earth dam. The concept of the dam was to allow for water to seep through the soil underneath the dam and into the low-lying rice farms behind the dam. Unfortunately, the dam failed and needs to be re-engineered and reconstructed almost immediately. According to the resource persons on the site, the water in the dam could rise and flood the low-lying area behind the dam. Mr Razak, a resource person also said the community decided to place a PVC pipe that passed underneath the dam to control the flooding. But that did not work out as planned and also failed woefully.

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Bridge Project Meeting 16.10.2021

Proposed Bridge site in June




Proposed Bridge site in August

The above pictures show us how difficult it is for people to move from one town to the other when it is the rainy season