The water project is a collaborative project between EWB-KNUST and EWB-ISU. Just like all the other projects implemented in the Ullo Traditional Area (UTA), except for one, the water project was initiated by EWB-ISU as a result of a water supply problem they identified during their visit to the area in 2018.
They realized that the people in the area do not have access to safe drinking water, and then also their water sources are located far away from the community. Enough boreholes have been drilled on campus, but they do not have enough water or are abandoned for various reasons. Therefore, students in the Ullo Senior High School have to travel long distances to queue and fetch water for their daily use.
This resulted in students’ absenteeism in class and loss of valuable contact hours in class. To curb this situation, the team drilled a borehole for water supply, but unfortunately, it did not have enough water to be supplied, and the water quality did not meet the standards. Luckily enough, a borehole in use was spotted nearby and was requested to be used for the water supply.

We need to have more community engagements with inhabitants, as inferred from a project assessment report based on the EWB-USA guidelines. We also need to get an idea of any additional facilities that will be in dire need of water and should be included in our design process. Water quality tests also need to be performed on the two boreholes to inform us of the water quality to be supplied. This is how far we have come as a team, and we hope to do more for the community and others as well to impact their lives.